Everything from beginning to end of the rental process was great. The site interface is user friendly. Account setup was easy. The people at Twisted Road contacted me immediately upon making my reservation to see if I had any questions or concerns.  I was immediately put in touch with the owner of the bike I would be renting so I could ask any bike specific questions.  Pickup and checkout was a breeze.  The site worked flawlessly for that.  Return was just as smooth as pickup. So much fun renting from an individual and talking to someone passionate about their bike and whatever cool modifications they've made to it rather than a clerk at one of the big rental facilities that just needs to move me along to get to the next rider.  Communication was excellent at every part of this process. 


-Christie B.

My first rental experience with Twisted Road was great. The rental process was easy and the bike owner was friendly, easy to deal with and made sure I had all the gear I needed as well as some extras like a helmet lock and disc lock. I look forward to using Twisted Road again and will recommend this service to others.

-Mitch H.

I love how easy it was to list my bike. The rental process is pretty straightforward and easy to do. The check out process was quick but thorough. I'm excited to meet different people that love riding as much as I do.


- Heather U.



We pine for these roads when we spy them on Instagram. Their curves and isolation provide solitude and "wind therapy. " We've identified some of the country's most beautiful rides and are securing bikes near each so that you can live your internet daydreams.